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Findland paranormal blog.
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15-02-2010 08:41
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Findland paranormal blog.
These materials are copy-paste from Usko Ahonen facebook site.

Some notes on a multiple contectee person in Finland

Contectee is a middle-aged male living somewhere in southern Finland. He has had multiple experiences with the UFOs and aliens at least since the mid -90´es. He has approached FUFORA with a letter wishing to be anonymous. In his letter he describes his contacts and experiences, and has drawn some pictures of the scene.

On his first encounter in 1995 his woke up at night thinking his child was wondering to the kitchen. When getting off the bed, his feet and hands were heavy and stiff, making it difficult to move. He walked on to the living room, suddenly a bright light filled up the space, which was to man´s surprise a dome, glowing bright bluish light. Contectee touched the wall, this making his hand numb. Room was 5 meters (15 f.) wide; sailing in 3 meters (10 f.). There was a table like structure at the center of the space. He understood, that he was inside some sort of a space ship.

The structures were made of same material, metal looking and unified, like same piece. There was a voice inside the dome repeating a word “translatter”. At this point contectee was blacked out. He woke up in his own bed two hours later.

In March 1996 our contectee was on a business trip in Tallinn, Estonia. There in morning shower he noticed his left groin in pain, and his legs numb. Our contactee noticed 25 mm. long and 4 mm deep wound in the groin, with no blood on it. The wound cured in 8 hours on the same day. On Rontgen there was a small metallic piece to be found inside.

In May 1996 during four nights our contactee found his arms and legs really numb, and felt exceptionally tired. Contactees’ dog too behaved strangely during that time, was tired lying around all day long. Contactee took the dog to a vet, who found nothing wrong with her.

After the fifth night on contactees right groin there was a wound like before, a bit longer and with no bleeding.

In July 1996 contactee went to a rustic cottage for a holiday with his 11 y. old son near the lakeside. At night 0505 hours contactee suddenly saw some entities at the living room, white as sheets. They were 140 cm tall. Contactee was startled, and felt his feet too numb to move. Somehow our contactee could understand as the second humanoid said to another:”This is enough, the human is afraid. “

On the other humanoid on his waist there was a small box on. The humanoids then floated some distance away, and then disappeared sliding through the wall to a bit upwards direction.

The clock was 0545; our contactee had observed the humanoids over half an hour. And then he started to feel numb and a bit pain on his right groin noticing a 30 mm would, 4 mm deep with no blood.

In August 1996 while visiting his wife’s patents our contactee “felt” the presence of a UFO like a radiation through a wall. The next day he found a bit further away in the fields a crop circle, 4-5 meters wide.

Finally in Sep. 1997 after studying the UFO subject our contactee decided to call the humanoids to visit him. This then took place early in the morning at 0503 when watching through the bedroom window. He saw two bright light saucer shaped objects flying making turns at a high speed, distance was maybe only 30 meters (100 y.)

The objects where like plates two feet in diameter. Our contactee tried to wake his wife, but he couldn´t move. Then, the objects spinned and circled around the air like playing for an hour. Our contactee understood this been a greeting of some sort.

Personal interview haven´t been done yet, but hopefully in the future.

[Pilt: 20044_1345017348678_1328587413_961816_1707187_a.jpg]
A humanoid drawn by a contactee

[Pilt: 20044_1345018828715_1328587413_961818_5625944_n.jpg]
Inside of an UFO

[Pilt: 20044_1345019388729_1328587413_961819_3669644_n.jpg]
UFOs flying in the air, as seen by the contactee

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J.Peter Lassila

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21-03-2010 11:50
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Paranormaali blogi
Related to this topic, interesting finnish blog
In english:
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